My real name is William, but only my mother calls me that. The rest of the world knows me as Billy Blaster, superhero of Zone City!

Learn More About Me


Status: Hero, inventor, and student
Age: 9 (and a half!)
Weight: 77 pounds
Height: 4’7”
Hair: Brown
Base: Zone City, Pluto, Mars — anywhere that needs my help!
Occupation: Super-smart student and inventor by day, brainy superhero by night!


Favorite Foods: French fries. I love them so much, that saving the world has to wait until I’m done eating them!
Superpowers/Abilities: Super-strength, quick thinking, and a whole bunch of inventions I’ve made. My atom blasher can smash through any solid object, and my mirror glasses protect me from brainwashing wizards!

Learn About My Friends and Family

Wu Hoo:
Real Name: No one knows . . .
Status: Ninja wizard
Age: None of your business!
Weight: 95 pounds
Height: 4’4”
Hair: Billy says it looks gray, but I think it’s silver.
Base: Zone City and Japan. Billy always drags me along with him to Pluto, too. I don’t know why — it’s so cold there!
Occupation: Billy’s cranky but quick sidekick.
Favorite Foods: Pizza! My favorite kind is ham with pineapple and extra baked beans.
Superpowers/Abilities: Master of Disguises. I make Billy various costumes to help him sneak his way around the solar system. I’m also a skilled ninja wizard! No foe stands a chance against me in hand-to-hand combat or in magic duels.

Real Name: No one knows . . .
Status: Super-heroine
Age: 10
Weight: 66 pounds
Height: 4’5”
Hair: Black
Base: Japan. Billy Blaster often calls on me to help him in Zone City, too!
Occupation: Billy Blaster’s crime-fighting partner
Favorite Foods: Sushi! I’m from Japan, where sushi is a very popular food. Most people think eating raw fish is gross, but you’ll never know what you’re missing until you give it a try!
Superpowers/Abilities: Super-strength, super-smarts, and I’m a master in 17 different kinds of martial arts! I’m also a top-notch detective, and I often help Billy solve the trickiest crimes.

Learn About My Books

Attack Of The Rock Men

Rock Men are the hottest new toys on the market, but when kids plug them into their computers, the toys brainwash them! Can Billy Blaster stop the attacks?

Mutants From The Deep

Evil sailors have been dumping toxic waste into the ocean, and they’ve accidentally created monsters: giant mutant jellyfish! Now, the monsters are stealing candy from people all over town.

Ice Caves Of Pluto

Billy Blaster travels to Pluto with his friend Wu Hoo. Things really get interesting when Billy finds his alien friends, the Snurgons, frozen stiff in their ship! Can Billy free the Snurgons and find a way out?

Mind Thief

Billy Blaster and his friend, Wu Hoo, are tracking a dangerous new foe — a wizard who is stealing minds. But the hunted becomes the hunter and suddenly the wizard kidnaps Wu Hoo!

Secrets Of The Ninja

Billy Blaster gets some bad news — his ninja friend Wu Hoo is a criminal! Wu Hoo is helping a gang of evil ninjas led by the most dangerous crook of all, Red Wolf.

The Evil Swarm

A swarm of insects emerges from a volcano and attacks Zone City. With help from his super hero friends, Billy Blaster braves the volcano to find the secret of the giant bugs. Can he outsmart the evil swarm?

The Frozen Men Of Mars

Billy Blaster takes a trip to Mars with his ninja wizard friend, Wu Hoo. They find three frozen scientists who have been asleep there for centuries. Can they wake up the scientists in time to save the Earth?

The Lost City

When the citizens of Zone City start to vanish, a man named Arthur from the Middle Ages suddenly appears. When Billy and his friends travel back in time to make things right, they discover that Arthur’s time has its own problems . . .

Time Warriors

Taro, an ancient scientist, is playing with the power of time. He sends his warriors into the future to steal weapons. Billy and Wu Hoo travel back in time to change history. The duo are clever, but can they return home?

Water Pirates From Outer Space

Earth’s oceans and lakes are starting to shrink. It looks as if the water is being stolen by an alien army. Will Billy be able to save the Earth before it is turned into a desert?