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Hi! I'm Henry Benjamin West. Most people call me Henry. I am 3 years old. I love cars, trucks, and cooking. I love my dog, too.

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Henrys dog Toby

Toby is my dog. He is small, brown, and has big ears. Toby wags his tail when he is happy. I help take care of Toby. I give him food, water, and play with him. He is my best friend!

Henrys sister Penny

Penny is my little sister. She's a baby. She needs lots of help from Mom and Dad. I like showing her my new toys and giving her hugs. I do not like her stinky diapers, and it makes me sad when she cries. I am a good big brother.

Henrys mom and dad

I live with my mom and dad. My mom is a writer and my dad is a teacher. They take care of me and my sister. I feel proud when I can help them with chores.

Learn More About The Books I'm In

Henry Helps with Dinner

Henry loves to cook and help with dinner.

Henry Helps with Laundry

Henry can sort clothes and help with the laundry.

Henry Helps with Baby

Henry has a new baby sister, Penny. He is a good big brother!

Henry Helps with the Dog

Henry loves his dog, Toby, and helps take care of him.

Henry Helps Clean His Room

From making his bed to picking up his toys, Henry learns that cleaning his room is a lot of work!

Henry Helps Make Cookies

Henry helps his mom make cookies.

Henry Helps Plant a Garden

Henry helps plant vegetables and flowers in the family garden.

Henry Helps Wash the Car

Henry helps his mom wash her car.

About the Author

Beth Bracken is a children's book editor. She lives in St. Paul with her husband, their son, Sam, and their little dog, Harry. Beth's favorite things to do are knit, drink tea, read books, and get flour all over the kitchen with Sam.