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Hi, I’m Portia! My friend Jellaby is a sweet, quiet monster. The first time I met him, I thought I was dreaming! Jellaby was lost and alone, so I took him home and made him a
delicious tuna fish sandwich (which to this day is still his
favorite!). Even though Jellaby is a different kind of monster, I have to keep him a secret from my mom and everyone at school while we solve the mystery of where he came from. I want to return Jellaby to his home, but I’ll miss my best friend!

Fun Fact:
Portia’s favorite toy is her pony

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You’ve probably already noticed that
Jellaby is a big, purple monster—but he’s no ordinary monster like Godzilla. Jellaby is shy, loving, and a great friend. He keeps me company since my Dad is gone and my Mom works a lot. Until we solve the mystery of where he came from, I’ll look after Jellaby—and even let him play with my toys!

Fun Fact:
Jellaby’s favorite food is tuna sandwiches

I know Jason from school. We pick on each other sometimes, but he’s my friend and knows all about Jellaby. They get along really well, and even watched the movie Godzilla together (even though I don’t think Godzilla is a very good role model for Jellaby).

Fun Fact:
Jason likes to tie knots.

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That’s a great question—and one we’re still trying to figure out. I think he may have come from a Halloween Fair in the city, and Jason isn’t sure what to think. But I promised Jellaby that I would help him, even though I’ll really miss him when he’s gone.

Fun Fact:
Jellaby and Portia like to draw together.

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Born in England and raised in Hong Kong, Kean Soo settled in Canada, where he planned to embark on a career in electrical engineering. However, he discovered that he’d rather draw comics instead. Kean began posting his comics on the internet in 2002, and later became an assistant editor and regular contributor to the all-ages FLiGHT anthologies. His online work has been nominated for several awards, including an Eisner Award nomination for Jellaby. Kean likes carrots, but not nearly as much as he likes tuna sandwiches, usually with lots and lots of wasabi mayonnaise.