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Eddie the Elephant loves
to play hide and seek.
He is very good at hiding, but sometimes his big ears and long trunk make this tricky!
His favorite place to hide is under his enormous sombrero.
When he is not playing hide and seek he likes having water fights with his trunk, and trumpeting!
Daniel Nunn has worked as an author and editor of children’s books for many years. He enjoys playing hide and seek with his two young children but he is not as good at hiding as Eddie the Elephant so his children always find him. His favorite book for children is Doctor Meow's Big Emergency by Sam Lloyd. Steve Walker has been drawing creatures of all shapes and sizes ever since he could pick up a pencil. He lives near Oxford, England, with his wife, daughter, and two goldfish. When he’s not drawing he enjoys cooking and going to the movies. His favorite children’s book is Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl.